FAQ about Brian Casey the Destroyer by Brian Casesy

Why are you called "the Destroyer"?

Good question.  It is a nickname I acquired years ago when I had "BC the Destroyer" engraved on my bowling ball.  I am a fierce competitor on the lanes, and my ball strikes fear into many opponents.  My friends thought it was funny and just started calling me "Destroyer".  Over time the nickname became a consistent thing where I'd walk into a room or bar to meet up with friends and they'd all yell "Destroyer!" at me.  When I was trying to decide what to call my psychedelic rock project I was a bit hung up on giving it another band name (like Purple Acid Dragonfly, or whatever).  So I made the decision to start releasing my solo efforts under my real name, "Brian Casey".  But I thought on it's own it sounded a little boring and docile for the experimental type of music I was making.  It came across as too singer-songwriter.  Eventually I came to the conclusion to use my nickname of Destroyer, as I thought it's rather brash and larger-then-life sound fit well with the brand of epic space rock the initial recordings had developed into.

What's up with your past projects?

Many of them are on permanent hiatus as the people I worked on them with have many other projects as well.  Glorious Monster and Man is Doomed were the combination of my good friend and colleague Danny Burke and I's efforts.  Over time we were both drawn to making different types of music so we decided to shelve those bands.  Blue Blazer might write songs again when Mike's personal and professional life settle down (he has a new business and a 1 year old).  Will I ever make records with these collaborations again?  I am not sure, but I'd never say never.

What's next for you?

After the release of Ambiguous Keys I will continue to work on new projects with a variety of different friends and musicians.  I like to play music live, but at the end of the day I've really earned my keep as a studio musician, taking on a variety of styles and types of projects.  Dek Shüz, my yacht pop band with Eric Pasi, is on deck to be released and we do want to play some live shows behind it.  And I am sure beyond that there will be more and new collaborations with other friends, musicians, film makers, and creatives.  Creating music is the fun part for me and I love experimenting in the studio.  So you're more likely to find me there then out on the road playing 100 shows a year.